Integrative beautician consultation

Functional (integrative) medicine is a field of modern medicine, which is aimed at eliminating imbalances in the body to improve it, prevent diseases and aging.

Doctors of integrative medicine moved from the treatment of symptoms to the correction of all existing disorders, thereby eliminating the main causes of disruption of the normal functioning of the body as a whole:

  • holistic analysis of the system and identification of disturbed regulatory mechanisms;
  • correction of diet, behavioral stereotype, mineral saturation, hormonal levels;
  • formation of favorable conditions for active longevity, rejuvenation and high quality of life.

Sounds vague, isn’t it? Neither here nor there. Do you know why? Because everything specific, i.e. today's gastritis, yesterday's hypertensive crisis and tomorrow's diabetes is the result of systemic disorders in your body. The doctor treating myocardial infarction has not been trained to correct the mechanisms that would lead to it.

Similarly, in the rapidly developing aesthetic medicine, beauticians have annually mastered methods for eliminating existing wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin, armed with needles, threads, lasers. Faced with low efficiency or short-term effectiveness, they shrugged their shoulders and explained to the patient that time is running out and now you will have to do all this more often. And they did not know how to influence the mechanisms of skin aging!

Integrative aesthetic medicine is a combination of methods of external influence on the health of the skin and maintaining its youth with functional diagnostics, research and assessment of body reserves, dietology, nutritional science, physiotherapy, endocrinology and other areas of medicine.

We have been using this approach to treatment and rejuvenation for many years, long before the names “integrative cosmetology”, “integrative medicine” appeared. We treat and rejuvenate not the skin but the whole body, relying on its existing capabilities, helping and supporting it when it fails. Beauty through health! - is not a slogan but our value.

Integrative aesthetic medicine and dermatology in Kharkiv

  • Be patient when going to the consultation. You will be asked about everything: what you eat, how you sleep, how you react to stress, what illnesses you have, how often you go to the toilet, and even some intimate things. Believe me, this is important! 
  • You will have to undergo an examination, which is necessary. Results of your previous examinations are also important but most likely the doctor will need fresh reliable data.
  • You will be prescribed medication. Considering the comprehensive nature of the correction and preference to nutraceuticals, you will have to take a handful of pills. They are harmless and safe to your health but there is no universal one pill for healing the whole body!

Purpose of the visit

  • identify disfunctions, changes in hormonal levels, the content of important biologically active substances and eliminate them;
  • improve well-being, mood, performance, and relationships with loved ones;
  • look younger and more attractive as long as possible;
  • control processes, which, if fail, lead to the onset of diseases and reduce life expectancy

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