Our skin needs a quality facial. The sebum produced by our sebaceous glands, dead epidermal cells, and environmental pollution prevent the skin from being healthy and beautiful.

Sometimes ducts of the sebaceous glands are clogged and they become comedones - whiteheads. Dark spots on the skin - blackheads - also prevent you from enjoying the flawlessness of your skin.

Our clinic uses exclusive programs for deep cleansing of the skin, taking into account its characteristics. In addition to facial, we provide skincare procedures which can solve the following tasks:

⁃ Deep skin moisturization
⁃ Reducing effect of oily skin 
⁃ Acne treatment
⁃ Reducing skin redness
⁃ Rejuvenation
⁃ Lightening

You can get classic ultrasonic face cleansing (Natural Beauty, Aquasonic) and laser cleansing (Carbon peeling), and cleansing rituals (rejuvenating cleansing Glow Solution and oxygen cleaning Nora Bode) in our clinic.

Our Cosmetologist will help you choose the type of facial cleansing that suits you best. Sometimes it is necessary to cleanse the neck and back if there are blackheads or skin rashes in this area.

We recommend to get facial monthly for healthy skin. There is no redness, inflammation, and rehabilitation period after cleansing in our clinic.

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