Intimate rejuvenation

Intimate rejuvenation is a set of procedures offered by our center to combat age-related changes in the female genital organs. They are intended to improve the appearance and eliminate the signs of aging, as well as to treat atrophy, which causes discomfort and a number of diseases.

Rejuvenation of intimate areas

During aging, the skin and mucous membranes change, which leads to a loss of muscle tone and elasticity, flabbiness and discoloration of the genitals. The skin becomes wrinkled, more pigmented. Its appearance changes and causes aesthetic discomfort.

At the same time, vaginal atrophy leads to dryness, burning sensations, creates favorable conditions for bacteria, increasing the incidence of vaginal yeast infection and other inflammatory diseases. Many women lose control over urination and suffer from urine leakage when coughing and sneezing. Vaginal relaxation syndrome develops, i.e. the vaginal entrance increases, which leads to a loss of the acuity of sexual sensations and the ingress of air during intercourse. Sexual problems are becoming a companion to the aging of the genitals.

Our medical center offers various modern methods of vaginal rejuvenation. After consultation, your doctor may recommend you an additional examination. In some cases, hormonal correction is required.

Intimate rejuvenation in Kharkiv

Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) applies the following methods of intimate rejuvenation:

  • Laser intimate rejuvenation. Candela CO2 Re Intima modern laser equipment renews the vaginal mucosa and skin and rejuvenates delicate areas.
  • Intimate contouring. Provides for the introduction of fillers in the area of the vaginal entrance for its narrowing. Your sexual relationships will play out in fresh colors.

The doctor will choose the best rejuvenation methods during your personal visit. All procedures are comfortable, safe, and effective.

Video of the procedure

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