Beauty therapist consultation on rejuvenation

If you are thinking about how to look younger and what methods to choose to get visible rejuvenation of the face and body, you should talk to your doctor. The choice of methods of rejuvenation depends on a number of your individual characteristics and, first of all, on your health condition. Yes! Beauty through health is our main principle.

30-40 minutes

During 30-40 minutes, you will tell your doctor in detail about:

  • your past successful and other attempts to improve appearance
  • past and current diseases
  • current medication
  • your regular skin care or lack thereof
  • the menstrual cycle, childbirth, contraceptives (for women)
  • dietary habits, sleep, stress, and lifestyle
  • your beauty preferences, fears and free time for visits to the clinic.

You will definitely be asked a question how to help you. It means the goal of the program. Think over exactly what signs of aging, deficiencies, discomfort have made you deal with the signs of age. Set the task correctly and honestly decide what exactly bothers you.

  • If the goal of the program is short-term, that is, by a certain date you urgently need to look better, then express rejuvenation is what you need. With a quick result, short course, and short-term effect.
  • If you need a long-term project, with an impact on the causes of aging, with a long-lasting effect, then be ready for the courses of procedures.
  • If you realize your appearance is the reflection of the inner processes, which we can influence, then the doctor will offer you an examination and prescribe some medication.

Prepare for the visit. Think about your worries. Make your consultation open and informative. Be honest and talk about your concerns and preferences.

At the end of the consultation, the doctor will provide you a list of recommendations with an age correction plan. Having received such a list in electronic form, you can follow the links and read the information on the recommended procedures on our website. This will allow you, after meeting with your doctor, to think about the outcome of your conversation and choose the time to start your procedures.

The recommended skin care products and dietary supplements are available for you at the clinic.

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