Scar treatment

Damaged skin is the reason why our clients come to our clinic for the first time. A scar is an area of damaged skin after an injury. A scar is not an aesthetic defect, it causes psychological discomfort and makes social adaptation difficult. 

Why do you need a scar treatment?

The main reason for a scar treatment is retrieving attractiveness and self confidence which are very important. We understand this and we have been improving scar treatment methods for 10 years. We  are constantly creating original methods and improving the equipment used for scar treatment.

Why do you need to start a scar treatment?

Scar is divided into two categories
- fresh (existing less than a year)
- old (existing more than a year)
There are different methods of treatment. You can easily treat a fresh scar, but it can be impossible for an old scar.

Make an appointment immediately after injury!

Which methods are used for a scar treatment?

We are using laser treatment, providing special medicines for external use and drugs for internal use. Sometimes we include injections of active components and administer them directly on the scar tissue.

We choose the treatment method while taking into account the scar maturation time, the scar type (Hypertrophic, Atrophic, Keloid), types of tissue regeneration, place of the skin injury, and other factors.

Here are some of the equipment for scar treatment which we use and which are used by the best aesthetic medicine clinics around the world:

  • Cutera, USA
  • Fotona MaQX, Slovenia
  • Candela CO2 Re, USA

What affects the scar treatment? 

The treatment efficiency depends on several factors, namely:

  • timely commencement of treatment
  • adherence to doctor's recommendations
  • doctor's experience in the scar treatment
  • availability of high-tech equipment
  • individual skin characteristics

If you want to obtain the best result of the scar treatment, don’t wait to make an appointment! We use modern methods to improve the appearance of any scar. We can make those scars that prevent you from feeling attractive less visible and you can be assured they will be insignificant after a short time!

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