Bella Contour: non-surgical liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is a highly-efficient non-surgical body shaping and volume reducing technique. The only system of non-surgical lipolysis and liposuction, as well as the elimination of cellulite in Ukraine – Bella Contour – is available in Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology). Removal and excretion of fat without surgery and cavitation. This device was produced by Israeli scientists and is approved for medical use in most countries.

40-80 minutes
Number of procedures
10-12 sessions


  • Excessive fat deposits on the abdomen, buttocks
  • Laxity
  • Cellulite
  • Muscle atony of the abdomen and buttocks


Bella Contour non-surgical liposuction helps you to get tangible results in:

  • weight loss,
  • body contouring,
  • treatment of all forms of cellulite,
  • rapid recovery of the body after childbirth,
  • removal of any stretch marks on the body.

After the first visit, immediate results – volume reduction and skin tightening – are visible. Body volume measurements are recorded by the system, which allows the client to gradually monitor the improvements during the course of all sessions.

Course of treatment

We recommend 10-12 sessions, 2-3 times a week. New body size and shape remain unchanged for a long time.

How does fat disintegrate?

The action of ultrasonic and electric waves removes fat from cells without their destroying, that is, performs non-invasive lipolysis, simultaneously tones up muscles and tightens the skin, removes excess fluid from the body, thus providing a full-fledged liposuction without incisions.

The Bella Contour vacuum technique accelerates drainage, fights the visible signs of cellulite, and acts on its cause. This ensures long-term preservation of the results obtained during the treatment – lipolysis and cellulite treatment.

Non-surgical liposuction: does it hurt?

During non-surgical liposuction, the patient does not feel the unpleasant sensations typical of other types of lipolysis. Due to zero cell destruction, no complications develop.

Where to start?

Consult with our specialist on your individual course of sessions. After discussing issues regarding possible contraindications and combinations with other methods to increase efficiency, you may proceed to a course of effective weight loss procedures.

Best methods to combine with Bella Contour lipolysis 

To improve the effect, combine the lipolysis with the following procedures:

  • Eximia hardware body contouring;
  • body radiolifting;
  • vacuum massage;
  • anti-cellulite wraps.

The doctor will also recommend that you undergo an examination to identify hormonal and other causes of excess weight and prescribe drugs for their correction if necessary.

You will lose weight easily!

Indications for the procedure

Recommendations and contraindications

Preparation for procedure
No preparation required
Restrictions after procedure
No restrictions
Pacemaker, all types of oncological diseases, cervical erosion, ovarian diseases, purulent and inflammatory skin diseases, chronic diseases of the digestive system, pregnancy, chronic infectious diseases (especially in the acute stage).

Video of the procedure

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