RF lifting: the principle of the effect

The principle of radiofrequency lifting is based on the effect of electric current with controlled heating of the skin and subcutaneous fat. During exposure, such temperature conditions are created which make collagen fibers contract. Within a few months after the procedure, a natural restructuring occurs, the skin is tightened from the inside.

From 30 minutes
Number of procedures
10 procedures
The cost
From 1135 hryvnia

Heating stimulates the cells, which triggers the process of producing new collagen fibers responsible for rejuvenation.

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We use the best equipment for RF lifting

  • Ionto sono;
  • Eximia;
  • Q-Ray.

The availability of several types of equipment ensures the most accurate selection of customized parameters for each client. Any equipment we use has the following advantages:

  • patient’s safety and comfort during the session;
  • adjustable depth of tissue penetration in different areas;
  • protective cooling of the skin;
  • effective for both the face and other parts of the body;
  • certified and approved for use in Ukraine.

Our cosmetologists certified in medicine and having extensive practical experience operate this equipment. This is the key to a competent attitude to the problem and an individual approach to each of our patients.

How does lifting occur?

During the RF lifting session, the RF waves affect collagen, which is the support for all tissues in our body. Protein quality decreases over the years. Thus, we strengthen the skin and make it elastic.

Skin sagging, laxity, ptosis, and aging indicate an insufficient amount and/or poor quality of collagen. After exposure to heat, blood circulation increases, metabolic processes and the "respiration" of skin cells improve. We can say that a properly directed temperature triggers the renewal of collagen and forces it to work for the benefit of rejuvenation.

Face and body RF lifting: effects to expect

After completing the course of sessions, the following changes are expected:

  • improved skin elasticity and structure;
  • getting rid of "double chin" and "bulldog cheeks";
  • lifting of the drooping mouth corners;
  • restoration and lifting of the face contour;
  • tightening of small wrinkles and reduction of the depth of large wrinkles.

Number of sessions required

The average number of sessions required is 8 to 10, although you can feel and see the first changes (tightening) after the first session already.

Painlessness, simplicity, and cumulative effect make RF lifting one of the most demanded procedures. You can choose RF lifting in our center as an independent procedure or in combination with bio revitalization, plasma lifting, mesotherapy, peeling, and other procedures.

Indications for the procedure

Recommendations and contraindications

Preparation for procedure
No preparation required
Restrictions after procedure
No restrictions
Oncology, active herpes, infectious and inflammatory skin diseases at the site of the procedure, metal implants at the site of the procedure

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