Couperosis laser treatment (rosacea)

Couperosis has become now a household word. More than 70% of our patients have been faced with this problem. Couperosis develops due to circulatory disorders in the skin.

What is couperosis?

Couperosis is vasodilation of the skin, manifested by the appearance of a spider pattern, spider veins, or telangiectasias. Less often it is a cosmetic problem, while more often it indicates diseases such as rosacea and liver disease.


The factors of couperosis may be as follows:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • stressful situations;
  • smoking;
  • ultraviolet radiation;
  • alcohol use;
  • improper skin care;
  • hypertension, liver disease;
  • hot sauna and bath;
  • pregnancy and childbirth.

Couperosis treatment at our clinic

Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) offers modern and effective treatment. The latest equipment, namely, Cutera laser (USA) and Fotona MaQX (Slovenia) helps us to show the best results in Ukraine in couperosis treatment. Also, our procedures have a long-term effect, so you will be enjoying the result for a long time.

Based on the severity of couperosis, 1 to 5 procedures may be needed. Slight redness and swelling may appear on the treated site, which disappear quickly enough. 

Benefits of laser treatment:

  • no anesthesia required;
  • fast results. Visible improvement already after the first session;
  • no recovery period;
  • doesn’t affect healthy tissue.

Want to get rid of couperosis for a long time, well you came to the right place. Order an administrator call to overcome this problem together.

Video of the procedure


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