Trichologist consultation in Kharkiv

A trichologist is a specialist who comes to the rescue if all the advice and recommendations from the Internet, the means your friends have tried and masks from your grandmother's recipe book do not work and your hair is still far from perfect. A trichologist consultation in Kharkiv, provided at Vladislava Donchenko clinic, is for those who suffer from split ends and hair loss, dream of growing long luxuriant hair or get rid of seborrhea.

Problems a trichologist can solve

Your hair condition is largely indicative of the general state of health, so in case of excessive hair loss, dullness and thinning, do not put off a visit to a specialist. The best trichologists in Kharkiv are waiting for you in Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) to help in solving such problems as:

  • find out the reasons for the ill hair;
  • treat hair loss or alopecia;
  • treat scalp;

select optimal hair and scalp care products.

Reasons to consult a trichologist

Despite the huge number of fashionable beauty salons and beauty shops, only a professional consultation of a trichologist in Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology), Kharkiv, can effectively deal with many problems. All our staff has university degrees in medicine, constantly improve their professional skills and have the most modern arsenal of tools and special equipment at their disposal. A consultation with a trichologist skilled in the treatment of scalp and body hair will help to find out the cause of itchy scalp, dandruff, hair loss. Timely consultation with a trichologist will help to early identify the problem and prevent its aggravation, if we are talking, for example, about alopecia.

Other reasons for a trichologist consultation:

  • Damaged hair structure due to dyeing, permanent wave, use of irons or other styling devices.
  • Hair thinning (androgenic, diffuse or focal alopecia).
  • Loss of more than 100 hairs per day, indicating excessive hair loss that requires treatment.
  • Too oily or too dry scalp, which causes physical and psychological discomfort.
  • Splitting ends, brittle and very thin hair.

Why do hair problems occur?

During the initial visit, the trichologist will ask you a few questions to understand your health and general well-being, to find out the presence of chronic diseases and whether you are taking any medications that can affect the condition of your hair. This will help determine the cause of hair loss or other concerns. As a rule, there can be many such reasons but the most common of them are:

  • hormonal fluctuations;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • frequent stress;
  • nervous tension;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals, provoked by an unhealthy diet or diet abuse.

What happens during a visit to the doctor?

Once applied to Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) you can count on an advertence of the best specialists with vast experience in hair treatment to you and your problem.

During the consultation, the trichologist both tries to find out the cause of the hair problems and performs an external examination and micro-video diagnostics, which will help to understand the condition of the hair and scalp. Thanks to the use of the latest equipment, the doctor conducts trichoscopy of the scalp and hair, which greatly helps understand the cause of hair loss and thoroughly find out what is happening to the hair and scalp. The picture the doctor sees on the computer monitor shows the quality and condition of blood vessels and skin, makes it clear how active the sebaceous glands are, determines the structure and quality, density and thickness of the hair. Based on the results of such an examination, during the consultation, the doctor can get answers to many questions and understand the cause of hair loss.

If necessary, the doctor can recommend additional tests and consultation with related specialists.

As soon as the doctor receives all the results of examinations and tests and determines the cause of any disease or hair problems, the patient will receive an individual treatment regimen. Especially difficult cases may require hair transplantation, however, the trichologist of Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) usually recommends most patients as follows:

  • diet adjustment;
  • individually selected medical drugs and medical care products;
  • mesotherapy, d’Aarsonval treatment, plasmalifting, laser treatment.

Why make an appointment with the trichologist at Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology)?

Of course, it is better to treat your hair, which largely determines our self-esteem and self-confidence and attractiveness, in a medical facility; this ensures you come to highly-skilled and qualified doctors with positive feedback instead of self-taught trichologists after three-day courses. Such trichologists are always ready to help you in  Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology). They will diagnose, select a treatment method and preventive measures to keep your hair beautiful and healthy for many years.

Make an appointment to get a competent consultation of a trichologist in Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology), Kharkiv; the service is of absolutely good value for money. You can make an appointment with a trichologist by phone or by filling out a special form on our website.

Video of the procedure

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