Beauty therapist consultation for men

Having faced with discomfort, aesthetic imperfections, signs of skin disease or aging, you thought about choosing a way to solve the problem. But a list of procedures with incomprehensible names makes you feel wholly at a loss?

Let us help you! We will ensure the proper choice, the effective treatment, and the care comfortable. We will take into account your preferences, work schedule, and health condition. A highly-skilled physician will plan your treatment program.

30-40 minutes

Consultation procedure

  • You talk about your expectations, designate the goal and limitations that may affect its achievement. You report your medical conditions, current medications, lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Share your past experience of beauty procedures, do not forget to talk about allergies
  • The doctor will ask you a series of questions important to answer for the planned procedures
  • You may be recommended an examination if the doctor understands your visible external problems are disease-related

At the end of the consultation, the doctor will provide you a list of recommendations with a plan of procedures and home skin care. Having received such a list in electronic form, you can follow the links and read the information on the recommended procedures on our website. This will allow you, after meeting with your doctor, to think about the outcome of your conversation and choose the time to start your procedures. 

We are attentive to wishes, tactful, and diligent. We ask you to come to the clinic 15 minutes before the appointed time to complete the necessary documentation.

We are glad to see you in our clinic!

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