GlowSolution integrated cleaning and care

Glow Solution deeply and gently cleanses the skin, prevents blackheads, closed comedones and rush, and makes the skin smooth and healthy vibrant.

Number of procedures
6 procedures once every 2 weeks

Glow Solution technology benefits 

  • Special soft brushes inside the nozzle for deeper cleansing;
  • Mild dermabrasion with a material softer than a diamond tip;
  • Two-stage acid cleansing;
  • Lack of salicylic acid reduces the risk of flaking;
  • Vertical ultrasonic administration of substances (phonophoresis with hyaluronic acid and restorative drugs);
  • Deep massage of muscles and SMAS face lifting;
  • Unique Babor serums.

What is GlowSolution integrated cleansing

The treatment provides non-traumatic skin cleansing, moisturizing, smoothing, and lifting. In addition to "general cleansing", it saturates the skin with oxygen and necessary vitamins.


This type of facial cleansing is indicated for normal to oily skin, in the following conditions:

  • Superficial age spots;
  • Dull complexion;
  • Swelling;
  • Dark under-eye circles;
  • Closed comedones and blackheads;
  • Enhanced sebaceous gland activity;
  • Frequent rush.

Expected results

Immediately after the first session:

  • Vibrant complexion;
  • Reduced size of pores and blackheads;
  • Improved elasticity;
  • Improvement of the relief - smooth skin;
  • Reduction of age spots;
  • Moisturizing.

Course of treatment

For maximum results, 4-6 treatments are recommended, with an interval of 14 days. To maintain the result, further treatment is recommended once a month. After 3 months, the course can be repeated.
The treatment is combined perfectly with:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Biorevitalization
  • Peelings

Video of the procedure

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