Birthmark removal

Laser birthmark removal is a great alternative to skin grafting, which was used to treat port-wine stains before the laser was invented. Birthmarks or port-wine stains, which are also called a flaming nevus, are an accumulation of pathologically altered capillaries and are a congenital vascular malformation. As port-wine stains are located both on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin, but are visible through it, and the process of their formation lasts most of life, in addition to the aesthetic discomfort, they affect negatively the psychological state of a person.

Facial birthmarks

Port-wine stains, which the doctors of Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) have been successfully removing since 2008, appear in both men and women immediately after birth and increase in size as a person grows and develops. In rare cases, they appear in adults and are both an independent pathology and signs of more serious health problems. Birthmarks are localized on the face or neck, and as a person gets older, they increase in size, acquire a bright red color, break the symmetry of the face, get injured and bleed. It is not always possible to hide such spots with makeup, so the best way to solve the problem is to remove them.


Laser is recommended for those who are not satisfied with their defect, regardless of whether it is congenital or acquired. The results of the treatment are impressive because laser, as the photo shows, in just a few sessions removes the problem that has prevented a person from living a full life for decades.

In addition to aesthetic indications for the removal of port-wine stains, there are also medical recommendations. These include the following cases:

  • signs of malignancy (changes in color and shape, size, ulcers and peeling, itching in the area of the spot);
  • risk of injury.


The following are the reasons to postpone or refuse laser removal of a birthmark:

  • an inflammatory process in the affected area of the skin;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus and blood diseases.

What is the laser birthmark removal method?

Our specialists use unique equipment that significantly surpasses the existing analogs in terms of physical and technical characteristics, which ensures the desired effect and reduces the number of sessions.
Birthmark removal in Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology), Kharkiv, is carried out by skilled doctors, who use the most modern and effective equipment, such as Cutera and Fotona neodymium lasers. A laser device helps to get rid of one of the most difficult types of birthmarks – port-wine or flaming, caused by vascular pathology. The essence of the method lies in the action of point laser pulses directly on the spot. This method is ideal for those whose defect is already fully formed and cannot be eliminated in any other way. The selective destruction of pathological vessels with the help of laser radiation maintains the integrity of the skin.

How painless is the treatment?

The treatment is practically painless and is performed without anesthesia. During exposure to the laser, the patient can only feel a slight tingling and discomfort.

Duration and number of sessions

The duration of the session is 15 to 30 minutes. The number of sessions is determined by the doctor during the preliminary consultation and depends on the size of the spot and the depth of the pathologically altered capillaries. To achieve the desired result, repeated sessions are most often required, with an interval at the doctor’s discretion.

Rehabilitation period

The procedure is well tolerated and does not require a long rehabilitation period. Slight swelling and redness disappear within a few hours, after which the patient can return to work and live his usual life.

Cost of laser birthmark removal

The price of laser removal of birthmarks depends on the number of laser pulses, which is due to the depth, type, and size of the lesion.

Birthmark removal in Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology)

If you need to get rid of a birthmark, there is a number of reasons to contact the center of aesthetic medicine in Kharkiv:

  • Solid experience in the treatment performed by highly skilled doctors of the clinic using the best equipment in Kharkiv.
  • Safety of the treatment for the patient.
  • Comfortable conditions and friendly staff.
  • Individual approach, based on the characteristics of the body in the diagnosis and treatment.

The doctor will inform you about the price of laser birthmark removal and the features of the treatment in Kharkiv during your first visit. Make an appointment for a consultation by calling the phone number available on our website.

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