STOP acne therapeutic facial cleansing

Stop Acne is a unique original anti-inflammatory treatment, developed by beauticians of Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) for acne treatment. It gives good results and a quick improvement of the skin with pimples, blackheads, inflammatory cysts, and acne.

Beauticians of Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) have been dealing with acne treatment for more than ten years already. Original anti-acne treatment programs have combined the best of the clinic’s experience.

Acne is a chronic, recurrent, stress-dependent skin disease. Stop Acne treatment program is aimed at relieving inflammation in the acute phase of acne, eliminating fresh rashes, slowing down the appearance of new acne.

Stop Acne cleansing reduces the production of oil by the sebaceous gland, collects the skin cells on the surface and exfoliates them. The treatment uses antibacterial natural substances to destroy microbes.

A few Stop Acne sessions will improve your skin color and smoothness, narrow pores and remove oily sheen, reduce cyanosis of post-acne spots, reduce the depth of scars, and remove brown spots after acne.

This method causes no discomfort and does not require rehabilitation. This type of anti-inflammatory treatment is perfectly combined with laser treatment of acne, mesotherapy, plasma lifting, and phototherapy. 

We recommend to start Stop Acne treatment with an active course of 5-6 sessions once a week, and further once a month as a prevention. Additional hardware or laser treatment will accelerate an effective result.


Can teenagers use Stop Acne?
Yes, they can. This treatment includes only natural ingredients that will provide a safe and effective treatment.

Target population for Stop Acne?
This treatment is designed for people with oily, rash-prone skin. It can be used both in the acute phase of acne and in remission as a prevention.

Is there pain during Stop Acne?
The treatment is painless, causing a tingling and heating sensation but painless. Also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Can Stop Acne be done in summer?
Yes, it can. But use it with sunscreen products as part of home care.

I have dry, sensitive skin. Can I use Stop Acne treatment?
You probably should not. Stop Acne has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and drying effect. We will choose individual care for you, with additional moisturizing.

Video of the procedure

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