Anti-cellulite wraps

Probably every woman has at least once tried cellulite wraps, especially considering that the term “anti-cellulite wraps” is applied to all cases when they smeared something on their body and wrapped painstakingly, that is, made a compress.

That is why cosmetologists of Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) say anti-cellulite wrap has gained popularity and for the same reason is considered fictitious cosmetic treatment of cellulite. Well, you shouldn’t! Even with the world's best laser equipment and injection techniques in their arsenal, doctors do not exclude wraps from anti-cellulite programs.

First thing to understand is that film wrapping only increases the depth of penetration of the active substance into the skin. But the effect, of course, depends on the very active substance used. If it is a conventional cream or mask then your cellulite has nothing to fear. The same applies to facial drug injections, when a person says he/she did mesotherapy or biorevitalization and did not like it. He/she does not even think that the matter is not in the method of administration (injection) but in the drug he/she might even not needed.

Likewise, cellulite wraps are a way to guide anti-cellulite drugs deep into the skin without injections. By sealing the skin with film wrapping, we force the skin to “absorb” what we want to give it. Thus, we enhance lymphatic drainage, introduce fat-breaking substances. Of course, not as deep as with injection lipolysis, but much deeper than when freely applied to the skin.

Hot or cold anti-cellulite wraps, neutral drainage wraps, algae and mud wraps, herbal wraps and aromatherapy wraps, tightening the skin and reducing volumes, removing toxins and retaining water, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and accelerating the flow of lymph. It is difficult to provide the entire list of the effects of anti-cellulite wraps a skilled beautician uses in the fight against cellulite. If we consider that the treatment of cellulite and the maintenance of its results is a long process, then it is impossible for so long to inject substances into human skin by injections only.

Doctors of Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) recommend combining anti-cellulite wrap with non-surgical BELLA CONTOUR liposuction to remove the liquid resulting from the destroyed fat.
Real professional anti-cellulite wraps has been known to have the general firming and anti-stress effect for a long time. If the doctor recommends you wraps, it means he simply chose for you a gentle and comfortable way of introducing the substances you need for the treatment of cellulite. You can see how quickly your skin becomes taut and elastic after the first sessions of anti-cellulite wrap at Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology).

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