Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The nose is the most visible part of your face; it is exactly the shape and size of the nose that gives your face that unique appearance that makes your face inimitable, unlike millions of other faces. This uniqueness is very important. When you "try on" a different nose in a special computer program, you will see a completely different face.

Nature has given everyone not only a certain size and shape of the nose, but also the angle between the nose and forehead, between the nose and lips, the width between the eyebrows above the nose. All this composition makes your face harmonious. 

Without surgery, today you can perform a natural correction of the nose shape. For this purpose, special fillers based on hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin are used. Fillers allow changing of the nose shape, adjust the hump on the nose, change its width. Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles of the nose, the tension of which gives it a hook-like shape and lowers the tip of the nose. It also helps to reduce the width of the nostrils.

Non-surgical nose surgery, or injection correction, is temporary, and this can be attributed to its advantages rather than disadvantages.  If you like the result, then in 12-15 months you can be guaranteed to repeat it with your doctor in just a few minutes.  At the same time, you will not need rehabilitation and social isolation.  You can also take decision concerning a surgery by "ordering" a similar nose. If you realize that you want to return everything to its previous state, the doctor will inject a medication that will destroy hyaluronic acid, and after a few days you will see in the mirror the nose, so familiar to you.  It is possible that you like it more than the man-made one.

So, nose correction without surgery has the following advantages:

  • Outpatient treatment without hospital stay.
  • No anaesthesia needed.
  • There is no rehabilitation period, changes in sensitivity, edema, hematomas and difficulty in nasal breathing.
  • Instant results.
  • The opportunity of correction at any time.
  • Easy non-traumatic elimination of the result.
  • Natural appearance that allows you not to advertise your changes.
  • An opportunity for safe experiments with your image.

If you are ready to try to experiment and create a new look for yourself, the Centre “Correct Cosmetology” offers you non-surgical correction of the nose shape with the use of best European preparations of hyaluronic acid.  To create a harmonious image, LIPS SHARE and nasolabial folds are sometimes also CORRECTED.

Video of the procedure

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