Laser facial cleansing

Laser facial cleansing is an effective and safe method of deep cleansing of the skin, which tightens pores, removes blackheads, and controls bacteria that provoke rash.

Those who suffer from facial acne are caught in a dilemma: should they clean their face or not? On the one hand, closed comedones and blackheads are an ideal background for rashes, because pathogenic microorganisms colonize clogged sebaceous glands and their ducts. The so-called propionobacterium acne is a proven provocateur of skin rashes. On the other hand, too often, routine cleaning provokes exacerbation of rashes in acne-prone persons.

Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) exclusively provides laser facial cleansing. The impact is simultaneously accompanied by the hardware and laser technologies.


First, a special composition is applied to the skin, which opens the pores for subsequent deep cleansing, after which ultrasonic cleansing is performed using the modern German technology - Ionto Comed.
Sometimes the doctor may need to manually clean individual elements that are difficult to treat with ultrasound.

Further, a special "pore closure" mode of a Fotona MaQX laser is used. The beauty therapist treats the skin surface with laser light. This gentle action kills bacteria that live in the skin and provides a deep sterility effect for 48 hours. The pores are closed, which prevents dust particles and makeup from entering the gland duct.

For deep moisturizing, a special mask is applied, which both cleanses the skin and takes care of it.

Laser cleansing effect

  • deep cleansing;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • pore tightening;
  • post-acne depigmentation;
  • rash prevention;
  • reduced oiliness;


For healthy skin, laser cleansing is recommended once a month. For oily skin, the interval of 3-4 weeks is better. For acne: 5 sessions every two weeks and then once a month.

Laser skin cleansing has proved itself as an ideal choice for those with oily, porous skin, suffering from acne and rosacea, and those who want to tighten their pores.

Video of the procedure

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