Deep Skin Cleansing Care

Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) offers Deep Skin Cleansing Care. It is the proper cleansing of the skin that is, after all, the key to its health and youth.


The Deep Skin Cleansing Care from Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) can be an individual procedure, alternative to facial cleansing. It can be as a start of a deep moisturizing or lifting program. In this treatment, we use Institut Esthederm premium cosmetic products. 


The specialists of our clinic recommend to do Deep Skin Cleansing Care once in 2-3 weeks.

Expected results

Deep Skin Cleansing is aimed at:

  • smoothing and making the skin radiant;
  • eliminating black heads;
  • reducing oiliness;
  • enhancing the effect of other anti-aging treatments;
  • preventing skin aging.

Thus, Deep Skin Cleansing from Pravilnaia Kosmetologiia (Proper Cosmetology) is the way to clean, healthy, and radiant skin.

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