Stretch mark laser resurfacing

This treatment helps to remove stretch marks on the skin using the energy of a laser beam. Laser removal of stretch marks is effective and safe. It restores the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, removes stretch marks or makes them barely noticeable.

30 minutes
Number of procedures
3-4 sessions with an interval of at least a month


The laser beam removes fragments of damaged tissues (stretch marks), as a result of which they are replaced with healthy elastic skin. This works with stretch marks on the abdomen, hips, the chest and other areas of the body.

What is stretch mark laser resurfacing?

This technique is most effective for removing stretch marks after childbirth and pregnancy, as well as those that have occurred for other reasons. The laser is equally effective for removing both red and white stretch marks.

Our clinic has fifteen years of experience in such resurfacing, which, in combination with the use of the best American equipment, ensures an excellent result.

Problems solved by laser resurfacing

Removes small and deep stretch marks, eliminates flabbiness of the body skin and restores skin elasticity. The effect is visible already after the first session and accumulates within 3-6 months.


Is it painful?
Before resurfacing, the skin is anesthetized with a special cream. As a result, the patient feels just slight discomfort when removing stretch marks.

Number of sessions required
In most cases, 3-4 sessions is enough, with an interval of at least a month.

Can stretch marks be removed completely?
This is true for small stretch marks only. When deep, the treatment significantly improves the skin appearance.

How to remove deep stretch marks?
To do this, we usually combine laser resurfacing of stretch marks with other methods of treatment, such as plasma lifting, needle radiolifting and injections of various drugs.

Can stretch mark resurfacing be done at home?
Methods such as resurfacing stretch marks with fresh-water sponge, iodine, jars, etc. are not just ineffective but can leave spots and scars on the skin.

Indications for the procedure

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