Laser vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a modern technique, also called laser vaginal resurfacing, vaginal rejuvenation, treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome. It is aimed at eliminating the "large vagina" syndrome and noninvasively reducing its volume, improving elasticity and hydration, and deepening sexual sensations.

Number of procedures
2-4 sessions

Loss of vaginal tissue elasticity is a common problem among women after childbirth, with hormonal changes, and age-related atrophy. It is accompanied by loss of sexual sensations, urinary incontinence of varying severity, and organ prolapse. The main complaint is more often a decrease in sexual sensations, dissatisfaction with sexual life and the ingress of air during intercourse.

Vaginal plastic surgery returns vivid sensations to both partners, increases self-confidence and avoids uncontrollable situations. The term "weak vagina" includes both physical discomfort and psychological aspects.

How to treat

Until recently, it was a verdict. But today we are ready to help you eliminate vaginal relaxation in just a few noninvasive sessions of laser treatment, requiring no anesthesia and inpatient care. Laser treatment consists of 2-4 sessions of laser vaginal resurfacing.

  • painless
  • no need for the rehabilitation period
  • highly-effective

Laser vaginoplasty is the right choice!

Laser operating principle

The target of laser exposure is collagen, a supporting protein. Dilated defective fibers are exposed to point heating, get thickened, shortened and replaced by new ones formed by laser beam stimulation. The renewed tissues again provide tone and elasticity.


  • loss of elasticity in the postpartum period
  • dulled sexual sensations
  • atrophic processes
  • urinary incontinence


  • improved sexual sensations
  • reduction in vaginal diameter
  • improved lubrication
  • easier urination control

Candela CO2 Intima, the unique laser equipment, uses disposable handpieces for each session, which ensures its sterility.

The handpiece protects the surrounding tissues all around from overheating, providing 100% safety.

The operator can control the depth of exposure to achieve the predicted effect.

Enjoy our real downhome atmosphere to leave the clinic with pleasant memories.

Video of the procedure

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